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MoistureFree Commercial Services
MoistureFree Commercial Services evaluates, recommends and performs remediation to eliminate moisture problems in commercial buildings and protects the owners/managing firms with a full service warranty.


Moisture Remediation Experience & Expertise
Over 10 years of moisture remediation experience, Moisturefree commercial services manages all three phases of eliminating moisture problems in commercial buildings, three phases are; discovery, remediation and implementing a nationally recognized 5 year warranty


Comprehensive Commercial Building Evaluations
Moisturefree commercial services uses the latest technology along with experienced professionals to discover moisture problems within commercial buildings, report maker pro software accurately prepares a comprehensive document which clearly presents the findings, This document is a resource to develop a detailed repair cost to remove and repair the effected area.


Moisturefree Commercial Services Engineers The Ideal Solution
After the discovery process Moisturefree commercial services engineers the ideal solution to permanently remove moisture from the building. Moisturefree commercial services not only engineer the solution but, using Moisturefree certified professionals will effectively execute the repairs. In addition, the repairs will be backed with a 5 year renewable warranty backed by western pacific mutual insurance company.


Repair Implementation Performed By Moisturefree Commercial Services Certified Professionals
Moisturefree Commercial Services team of certified professionals perform the solutions to the building to ensure the moisture problems are resolved most effectively, Phase 1 to evaluate the problems, Phase 2 to perform moisture testing, Phase 3 perform remediation. Phase 3 is based by a full 5 year renewable warranty, terms of up to $1 million (one million dollars). Moisture free warranty sets a new standard of confidence for the commercial property owners.


Moisturefree protects the owners, occupants and management companies
Why do property owners choose a warranty? Trust and confidence in having a moisture free building backed with a warranty.

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