Engineered Moisture Solutions
From The Experts 

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What Does MoistureFree Do?

MoistureFree provides the expertise necessary to find and solve moisture problems from beginning to end.  From the initial inspections through warranty protected repairs, MoistureFree is your single source provider.  Plus, our nationally recognized warranty provides the assurance that your building will be protected from moisture for years to come. 


Why Do Smart Property Owners Choose MoistureFree ?


Trust.  Building owners and managers want a company they can trust and MoistureFree has proven itself to be that company.  MoistureFree wants the same thing as you…a dry building.  A dry building means no headaches for you and no claims for us. 


How Do We Get Started Solving The Problem? 

It starts with a phone call…800-400-8679.  From there, MoistureFree will provide you with a step-by-step plan and budget for moving towards a complete moisture solution.  Don’t let moisture problems soak up your time or budget.  Call MoistureFree today to get started solving the problem for good.