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Fully Understanding

The Moisture Problem

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Comprehensive Moisture Surveys

MoistureFree combines the latest equipment with our extensive knowledge to produce thorough and concise reports that show exactly where moisture problems exist.  Thermal imaging, non-invasive and invasive moisture meters in the hands of trained professionals guarantees accurate results. 

MoistureFree created ReportMakerPro, the reporting software that has become standard for the industry, which clearly presents the findings of the moisture survey.  This critical first step in the process provides the road map necessary to begin the solution process. 

Invasive Moisture Source Discovery

Moisture can be an elusive problem that must be accurately tracked to its original source to engineer the correct solution.  MoistureFree analyzes every source of moisture in order to engineer an effective solution.  Our invasive discovery services, combined with our extensive knowledge and high-tech moisture mapping equipment, gives MoistureFree the edge when it comes to understanding moisture problems along with a low cost solution.